For educators that strive to make a


The High Impact Reading Instruction and Intervention Masterclass supports teachers to:

  • Be at the forefront of evidence based research in the Science of Reading
  • Translate research into practical strategies and approaches for high impact classroom instruction
  • Prevent and reduce the number of students at risk in literacy through a Response to Intervention approach
  • Pinpoint the sub-skill of literacy that may be causing a student to struggle with reading and spelling
  • Feel confident about making a significant positive impact on the literacy achievement for every student.

The research behind Literacy Impact

Julie Scali

The High Impact Reading Instruction and Intervention Masterclass was created by Julie Scali and I too, am a passionate and dedicated educator. As a former Deputy Principal leading whole school improvement for 8 years I have a deep understanding of the pressures principals and teachers face, and the varied needs of students.

As a Deputy Principal I led my previous school in the implementation of evidence-based, whole school approaches aligned with the Science of Reading. The impact was significant in not only raising the achievement and motivation of students in Writing, Spelling and Reading, but in the teacher efficacy, confidence, use of data and collaboration. There is now a consistent, sustainable improvement agenda in place in the school, a strong coaching model and community engagement.

My passion for making a difference for students of a range of abilities has been evident since the start of my career. I have taught in both mainstream and special educational needs settings in Perth, Belfast and London and was a Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in a London school. This led me on a path to completing my Graduate Certificate in Learning Difficulties and spending two years at the Centre for Inclusive schooling (now SSEND). As a Support Teacher Learning Difficulties I consulted in schools in Literacy improvement and Response to Intervention and delivered school based and statewide Professional Learning. My work has also been published in Education Review and Class Ideas K-3 publications.

Julie Scali

Founder of Literacy Impact

Julie is an outstanding educator who remains at the forefront of the latest educational research. She leads and manages change by inspiring those around her, ensuring staff contribute to improvement plans. Julie was instrumental in developing and implementing whole school literacy programs, which are having a positive impact on student learning. Furthermore, we now have a consistent approach towards our improvement agenda.

Julie is a real game-changer for school improvement.

She has a passion for improving outcomes for all students, with an emphasis on early intervention and support. With highly developed interpersonal skills and public relations skills, Julie establishes positive and meaningful relationships with all who she works with.

Andrew Britton- Principal, Hudson Park Primary School

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For educators that strive to make a


As a dedicated school principal or teacher, you balance ever-increasing demands in schools every day. You work tirelessly in implementing engaging, high quality literacy approaches, and often reflect on why some students are not making the expected progress or achievement. Frequently teachers feel overwhelmed with how to teach such a wide range of student strengths and needs, or know how or what support to put in place.

The missing link in many schools is knowing what is proven to make the biggest impact in literacy learning and how to embed this into a whole school, sustainable approach where teachers feel confident and supported in making a difference for every student.

Fortunately, enhancing literacy instruction and intervention is not achieved by figuring how to make this happen in your school alone.... but rather by following a proven, step by step approach to prioritising what makes the greatest impact in literacy achievement for all students.